To Kill A Mockingbird Personal Response Essay

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2. I strongly dislike the way the teacher acted in the scene where she would not listen to Scout. That was really rude, and the teacher just kept rambling on even though she didn’t know the truth. This was the scene where Miss Caroline was talking to Walter Cunningham because he didn’t have a lunch. Since he didn’t have a lunch, Miss Caroline offered to give him a nickel as long as he brought one tomorrow to pay her back. Scout was sitting in the back trying to say that he wasn’t going to accept the quarter because his family doesn’t take anything from anyone. The Cunningham’s know they can’t pay people back in money, but they usually do in other things, such as crops. Scout eventually got Miss Caroline to listen to her, after she begged Walter to take the nickel for a couple minutes, and she told her. Then, Miss Caroline got mad at her for bringing that up and letting her know. I had this happen to me one time when I was in …show more content…
I definitely talk differently depending on the people that are around me. I do this depending on how comfortable I am with someone and how I want them to view me. For example, when I am talking to my friends I act like a complete idiot because I really don’t care what they think about me, and I know that they are not going to view me different. Also, they act the same way, so it makes me feel better, and they also don’t determine what my life is going to be like in the future. On the other side of the spectrum, if I’m talking to a coach or scout, I am going to show all of my respect and attention. They are going to have me fully engaged in a conversation because they have my future in their hands and they don’t have to do anything for me that they don’t want to. As you move up in the importance of certain people, I become that much less childish and more adult-like due to the fact that I need to get and education, play the sports I love, and in the end, get a job. So yes, I act differently depending on who is nearby and who I am

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