How I Learned At The Standards Essay

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Before collecting artifacts and preparing for the mock evaluation, I was completely lost. I started looking at the standards in the beginning of my placement to prepare and I kept thinking to myself, “where do I even start and I am not sure on what to do to fulfill the standards.” Once I started full on teaching and talked with Kourtni the standards became a lot clearer and I noticed that I was fulfilling these standards when I didn’t even know I was doing so. The first standard, enhance academic performance, implementation of achievement goals, was one standard that I had quite a few artifacts to share with Mr. Mowes. How I met this standard was by sending notes home to parents explaining why their child was on yellow or below. Another way I met this standard was by grouping my students by their “reading” level for literacy stations. I gathered data on my students and my personal observations of each of them, and from there I placed them where I thought they would benefit the most. Standard 2, content knowledge, was met by integrating my lessons. Since we only have 30 minutes for science/social studies every other day, I started integrated my lessons. One lesson, I integrated science, social studies, writing, math, and reading. It was a lesson on Johnny Appleseed where I read a book, had students graph their favorite apple, map Johnny Appleseed’s adventure thorough the United States with apple stickers, and had the students write and draw where they would plant apple…

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