Truss Bridge Analysis

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As a new teacher, I strive to learn more about the various nuances of the teaching profession and the steps necessary to become a better instructor. For the past year in a half, I have worked hard to create lessons that pique my students’ curiosity and interests. This instructional approach is done with the intent of assisting those students with engineering/architecture career aspirations and those with other career aspirations. As a way to monitor my students and, in parallel, improve my teaching capabilities, I have relied on the California Standards for Teaching Profession resource. Based on the Standard 5 of the California Standards for Teaching Profession “Assessing Student Learning Rubric,” I will provide a foundational understanding …show more content…
Students must also follow directions and understand the prerequisite requirements associated with creating a truss bridge. This lesson plan meets these conditions because it leverages a variety of resources to assemble information about student learning as well as a wide range of appropriate assessment strategies to evaluate student progress. Students are required to learn technical drafting skill sets which will enable them to create orthographic views and achieve success with this lesson plan. Teachers will be able to assess students’ previous lessons as well as current ones. Teachers will also be able to evaluate students’ progress and determine whether they have acquired necessary learning from the previous lessons. Additionally, this lesson will provide students with a chance access their learning and/or practice or learn those …show more content…
The website serves as an information portal for both students and parents. Students and parents can log into the system and view a list of all the assignments, descriptions, deliverables and their respective deadline dates. Students are also able to see their assignment grades and the class progress grades. The school’s website also provides a school email system from which teachers are able to communicate with their students and parents. This system also enables teachers to share articles, ideas, etc. and answer any questions from parents and/or students.
Even though my bridge project rubric incorporates all the standards for assessing student learning listed on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession Standard 5 rubric, the ability to assess students learning has been a challenge for me. I plan to evaluate other lessons using the standards to help my effectiveness as a

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