How I Learned A Great Deal About Myself And Others Essay

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There are a variety of things humans do in their everyday lives without noticing them. They breathe, walk, read, and write. Looking back, most humans did not know to read or write before the age of five. These are things a person learns and may never or get how to do, much like riding a bike. Being taught to write is one of the strongest skills and gifts that a person can maintain and develop throughout a lifetime. One can never be done learning how to write; new techniques, styles, and forms arise on a daily basis and allowing creativity to flow is an unending process. Through the process of writing and the writing done in the class, I have come to learn a great deal about myself and others. Writing acts as a form of communication. People who speak different languages can read written work that has been translated as well as reading documents from people who lived hundreds of years ago. It is possible to relate to an author who wrote about the struggles of women in the eighteen hundreds today as a woman of the modern feminist movement. Writing is a means of letting people in when one cannot vocalize his/her desired words. Especially with anonymity, a person can write about the hard times he/she has undergone or his/her honest and truth feelings about the relationship he/she had with his/her father. Writing is a never ending process and therefore results in new information always being able to be learned.
Through this course, I have learned the different types of writing…

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