How I Have Been Using The Responding Technique Essays

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Caitlin McCarthy Com101-Interpersonal Communications 3/14/16
The purpose of this paper is to show how I have been using the responding technique that we have talked about in class in my daily life. Some of the response skills that I have been consistently using are paraphrasing, framing and advice. While practicing these skills I have realized that they truly do work.
One instance where I utilized a responding technique was during a situation while babysitting. The situation involved the little boy I was babysitting and his older sister. The little boy had gotten into a fight with his older sister because she had ruined his puzzle. He ran up the stairs hysterical crying. I saw this has a great opportunity to practice my responding skills. At first I said to him, “I know that you are upset because Bridget ruined your puzzle.” He then said he was upset, but not because of that. After I talked to him in a soft voice he told me that he was actually upset because he has missed his parents. If I didn’t acknowledge that he was upset, I would have never recognized what the problem was.
Another example of when I used these responding skills was when my older sister was talking to me about how she wanted to end things with her boyfriend. After listening to her explain her situation, I decided to give her some advice. I talked with my sister and mentioned to her that, “I know you are really upset about breaking up with him, but if you are going to stay in the relationship things are…

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