Interview Reflection: How To Respond To Employees

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Interview Reflection Paper
Renae Van Der Linden
Roberts Wesleyan College Due to the fact that I knew the video was for a grade, I was feeling nervous, yet anxious for the 45 minutes to already be over, even though I had already recorded myself for 45 minutes conducting an interview in my undergrad. However, I was quick to realize that the overall experience can feel much like meeting with a real client. Even though I likely will not be recorded meeting with a real client, in the beginning, it would be at least somewhat normal for me to feel nervous in the unknown—specifically, uncertainty of how to respond to clients when they say something that I do not know how to respond to. Regardless, I found that when I was silent, Damaris would
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I should have proceeded with that statement, asking what that was like for her, rather than jumping into her family information. Even though I needed to have the family information anyways, digging into her feelings about being caught having her breakdown could have told me more information about the kind of person she is when it comes to expressing her emotions—It felt like I jumped around a lot, almost like I was filling out a form, which was essentially what I was doing. In the future, I would like to have the conversation flow more smoothly and then at the end of the session, if I am still missing pieces of information for the biopsychosocial, I could ask those questions …show more content…
There were some really evident, open areas for me to restate what was being said, but I did not. Throughout the whole interview, Damaris expressed her anger and frustration towards her father. Repeating those feelings back to her is a way for me to validate those feelings. However, I also realize that repeating words back to the client that are being expressed is something that takes time to get comfortable with. In all honesty, if it is something that I am not comfortable with, I probably should not repeat words back, because the client will notice that is something I am not comfortable with and will make the conversation a little awkward. Nevertheless, I was able to validate her feeling by sharing with her that a lot of people would feel the way she is feeling about being an older sibling and feeling like she had to be strong for her.
Though restating is something I am still gaining confidence in, I was able to pick up on the words that Damaris emphasized and ask questions based on that. After Damaris explained to me a little bit more about what her family dynamic was currently like, she really emphasized that her dad was living in their family’s house. From this statement, I was able to ask why she emphasized family so much and learn about what she was feeling behind that statement. There was a change in her voice when I asked

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