How I Changed My Life Essay

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When your little you do not really realize differences in people around you. Thats how my life was when I was little. I was born into a large family overall and everyone was the same to me. I had an older cousin that was only a few months older but for the longest time it was just me and him. We had some of the greatest times being little. We dressed up for halloween, our grandparetns bought us the same toys for Christmas so we would not fight over them. It was all around great.
My cousin and I we were around 4 years old when his family had another baby. It was a baby boy cousin, so of course I was all excited for another cousin to hang around with!! By the time I was seven, I had a little sister and my cousin had a sister also. Life was great, nothing was going wrong and it was all fun and games with my family!! But by this time when I turned seven, I started to realize that my cousin older than me was different than his little brother. My cousin could not talk and was not as athletic as I was, he played on a different soccer team with other people that could not talk or were people I considered “weird”. I also noticed that he did not go to same school as I did. I asked my parents about this situation and they told me that Brayden was not aloud to attend the private school because there is no schooling for him there. I was definetely confused and thrown off guard at seven years old. I finally had caught on, Brayden was diagnoised with Down Syndrome when he was born, yet I…

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