How I Changed My Life Essay

933 Words Jul 1st, 2016 4 Pages
The sound of chains shackling twitches my eardrums as I walk, it hurts. It’s unbearable! Such they are bounded within my feet forever. Every single time I lean on the wall between my house corridor, where an old long mirror stood by, it seems as it’s staring straight into me. Of how I changed, of how I felt about things, what a big failure I am now. What brought me out here wasn’t my strength in degree of survival, in fact I have always been the weakest and still having that on top of my futile mind. However, it was the truth that was uttered out, bringing me back out here. Who was I and who am I now? Even my name seems like some sort of disguise to the outer world of mine. Me— brainwashed, frightened and a big failure— lived in prison for 20 years and still seems cliché to several, but how they altered us when living back in society are like making huge steps in life. No more walls covering me out here.

A stride into the future? Yeah, it very is like that, even us, normal human being, would say it is a huge leap. Everything just looks different. From how they wear, how they see things and thought about them, it’s a step up from the past. While me? Still, the same guy— plus now full with doubt, ignorant and friendless. The way I used to contact my old dead mate using the phone booth down the road, close to my place, all changed to hands free gears, but none to call or received calls from. I’m way too horrified to take a step out and see the world now. The old memories just…

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