Essay on How I Changed My Life Changed Drastically

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When I was in 3rd grade my life changed drastically. I was noticing slight emotion changes between my parents. They were fighting more, and not communicating as much. One day when my mom was taking me to softball she pulled out a blue phone and started to call someone, so me being curious asked where she got the phone. She told me that it was her work phone, but it did not sound very convincing, so I went to practice and while she was in the bathroom i went to the car and looked through her phone. The second I read those messages I regretted it. I was in 3rd grade and I had just found out that my mom was texting some guy named corey saying she loved him.
One day my mom asked if Brianna and I could clean the house so we did. Once we got done my mom told us since we did a good job that she would take us camping the next day. The next day I was so excited i had my bags packed before my mom even got home for work. As soon as she got home we packed up and headed to Lake Hendriks. Once we got all settled in Brianna and I took our bikes for a ride on the bike trail, but as we started our journey on the path a girl came and stopped us. I looked at her with confusion as she started to talk to me like she knew me, and then she asked a question I would never forget. “Why do our parents have to kiss each other behind the camper.” I stood there not able to say a word trying to process what she had just said. I remember the tears I was trying to hold back as I looked at the girl and said…

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