How I Can Learn English Essay

704 Words Sep 14th, 2016 3 Pages
In the past few years, I discovered something about how I can learn English. I started to learn English when I first attend to school. I have been learning English for my whole learning life, but I was not good or familiar in English when I was studying in Hong Kong. After I came to America and started to attend school here, I discovered that if I want to be accustomed to English, I had to changed my mindset and value. When I was in elementary school, I was disgusted to learn English because I was a fixed mindset person and student, who would escape from the challenges, instead of overcome the challenges, as Mention During elementary school, I always got the terrible grades on my English quizzes, tests, and dications. In addition, I didn’t understand most of the grammars and vocabularies that the teachers taught me during the lessons. Because of those reasons, my English grades became worse and worse. During elementary school and middle school, I almost failed all of the English tests. It made me felt frustrated.In addition, I didn’t want to run from the error, I only wanted to cross around the error. During my tenth grades, I had to write an essay in the English class. In the essay, I used the “broken” English, which Amy Tan mentioned in her article Mother Tongue, but I did not noticed that I was using “broken” English to write it. A few day later, my teacher,who knew I would immigrate to America with my family in next year, talked to my individually about the…

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