How Have Humans Changed Over Time Essay

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How have the relationships between human and dogs changed over time? Humans started to realize that dogs make great pets. Dogs started out as wolves, but as time passed wolves started to become pets and humans began calling them dogs. Are dogs the perfect pets? Dogs are great, kind and loyal pets. In fact, many people say dogs are the best pets. Dogs keep people company, they keep people active, and they protect you from harm. No matter how hard I try I still keep coming back to the same question. How did dogs become pets?

The relationship between dogs and humans have changed over time because dogs were once wolves. Long ago dogs were once wolves that all the humans were afraid of. Humans kept on throwing scraps out at their campground,
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Once, long ago dogs were wolves. How did this change happen? Humans realized that wolves would make good pets. Humans started breeding that bigger dogs together, the smallest ones together, and one big and one small dog together to make medium size dogs. Changes started to happen. Humans began working with the wolves more and more until eventually they became pets and humans gave them the name "dogs." The humans started getting what kind of dog they wanted by breeding one dog that is similar to what they want to another dog that was different from the other dog but would make what they wanted. The dog's ears became shorter, longer, pointier, fluffier, and many other different ways. They started changing colors, getting bigger, getting smaller, they all had different characteristics; for example, Belgian Malinois are a police dog that are way better than German Shepherds, they can jump higher, run faster, track smells better, have less health problems, and many more other things that are better about them. This is a great example of how dogs have changed because it tells how instead of police using the German Shepherd they bred different types of dogs and created the Belgian Malinois that has way better qualities than the German Shepherd.This is how dogs have changed over all of the

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