How Has Technology Changed My Life Essay

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How has technology changed in your life? There are many different kinds of technology in today’s time. Technology has increased greatly in the past years. I still remember when no one had laptops and cell phones didn’t even have Internet access. Now we have so many different kinds of technology and I think they can control our lives. Technology has changed the way I live day to day. I can’t even go a day without having my cell phone. The use of technology in my life has changed greatly, both positively and negatively, ever since I first got a cell phone.
When I was in the fifth grade, all of my friends were starting to get cell phones. I still remember being upset with my parents because everyone else in my grade had a cell phone and they
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I just wanted it to work again, because it was “my phone.” I then thought about this essay that I was going to have to write about how technology has changed in my life and I made a list of things I use my phone for on a daily basis. These are the instances I came up with: using my alarm to wake up for class, taking notes in class, looking at what workout we are going to have to do at Crossfit, using my GPS in order to get to Crossfit, finding somewhere to eat after working out, social media, talking to my family and friends, wasting time before the professor gets to class, reading on my bible app, taking pictures, and listening to music. Just yesterday I woke up at five in the morning to get ready to go to Crossfit. I got out to my car and tried to start it, and it didn’t make a sound. I then used my phone to call my friend Linzay, who was going to be joining me at Crossfit, to see if she could give me a ride. This is an example of my Myers-Briggs Type, because I care so much about Crossfit I couldn’t just not go because of one little bump in the road. Later that day I had to use my phone again to call my mom to see what to do, then I had to call to get someone to come and jump my car off. Without my cell phone in this situation, it would have been much more difficult than it was. I realized that I am using some sort of technology at all times of the day except for when I am sleeping or eating. The fact that I …show more content…
I especially like getting on social media because I get to keep up with what all is going on. For example, I follow the news channel back in Alexandria on twitter. Every day they post about things that are happening back at home, and what is happening around the world. I like being able to see what is going because it is almost always more interesting than what I am doing at that time. This also reveals that even though I have left Alexandria, I still keep up and care about what is going on. I guess that is why my personality type was the “caregiver”. Another example is following a lot of the LSU accounts and they are always posting things about what is going on around campus. They make important announcements and since I am not always checking my e-mail I can see it on Twitter. Although I am not really doing anything productive while on social media, I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. I might not be studying for a test or doing homework, but I am keeping up with what is going on around me. I also use my phone for school, because it makes it easy to stay organized, and to see what I should be doing. On the other hand, it can be a bad thing. While doing homework today in the library, I was looking at what I was supposed to be doing, and then I found myself looking at Twitter and Instagram and not actually studying. This is where

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