How Has Rap Affected The Music Industry And Life? Essay

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Austin Southers Madam Bertand English 12
31 March, 2016
Rap Culture
How has rap affected the music industry and life?
The music genre called rap, has changed the music industry in many significant ways. Rap music has become widely popular across America, bringing out rap stars from different places across the country. The rapid growth of popularity for this genre of music could come from its original ways of using a turntables and DJs. Also coming from the rapid growth of popularity for this genre has brought forth what some call a new art form, but at the same time creating some gang and illegal trouble. As this new art form has been becoming extremely popular in different parts of the country it has made its own mark on the Twin Cities. Rap hasn 't just become a new art form for some, but it has became a new culture or even a new way of life for some people. Rap 's big break into music accord in the 1980 's but really rose to stardom in the '90s. Rap music has risen to a new levels in the music industry changing the ways people view and produce music.
Rap music has been spreading to many different regions of America, and each region has there own rap icon, like Snoop Dogg is to the west coast California area, where The Notaries B.I.G is from the east coast New York, but the east and west coast are not the only place in America getting attention for rap, in Yvonne Bynoe Encyclopedia of Rap and Hip Hop he wrote "In the 1990 's, Outkast was among the first Rap groups, along…

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