Essay about How Federalism Changed The Nation

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How Federalism Changed in the Nation
Federalism is “a system that balances the power and sovereignty of state governments with those of the national government. Both the states and the national government derive their authority directly from the people, and the states have considerable autonomy within their areas of responsibility” (L. Tucker Gibson and Robinson, 70). There are three types of federalisms that have changed over time for our new nation today: dual federalism, cooperative federalism, and new federalism.
Dual Federalism is a “nineteenth century concept of federalism in which the powers or functions of the national and state governments were sharply differentiated with limited overlapping responsibilities” (L. Tucker Gibson and Robinson, 66). This type if federalism was first introduced in the McCulloch vs. Maryland court case, where the state of Maryland had taxed the Baltimore branch of the Bank of the United States. McCulloch, the bank’s cashier, refused to pay the tax, therefore leading to a lawsuit. This had caused an uprising in federalism, but then the Supreme Court ruled that the implied powers clause of the Constitution, linked to the delegated or enumerated powers, gave the federal government this authority. Then a second problem had come to question, which was whether a state could tax the branch bank, an institution of the national government. The Supreme Court, in favor of the U.S. government, ruled that the states do not have the power to tax the…

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