How Fast Food Affects Your Own Diet Choices? Essay

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How much influence do you think fast food has had on our culture? Explain how fast food may influence your own diet choices?
I think fast food has a huge influence on our culture. Everywhere you look, your sure to see an advertisement for multiple fast food restaurants and eateries. Sadly fast food can sometimes become the easiest choice especially when you live a busy life. I hate to admit it but sometimes I do eat fast food. I can 't lie, I love me some chick-fi-la from time to time but I try not to overdue it. It honestly blows my mind that some people eat fast food for every single meal.
In response to the discussion of the food being served in our nation 's schools, identify similarities and differences you can recall from your own experiences from kindergarten through 12th grade.
I attended the same small christian school from pre-school till 12th grade so my experience isn 't exactly diverse as far as the lunch room goes. Growing up me and my brothers and sister always had to pack a lunch so we rarely ate from the cafeteria, but we didn’t have a cafeteria necessarily we just had a pretty decent size snack bar at my school. Sometimes on Fridays they would make nachos but my parents didn’t like giving us money for that so more often than not we had to eat what my mom packed. The snack bar did not have the healthiest options it was pretty standard you had your chips, soda, fruit snacks, candy bars etc, which is similair to what most schools I assume have in their…

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