How Ethics Can Help People Live A Better Life? Essay example

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Philosophy is not an easy subject to touch upon. It is the breakdown between philosophical questions, morality, and values. My definition of philosophy are the standards in which I choose to live my life when it come to me making important decisions that will affect my family and I. This is important because it gives me a baseline for understanding the concepts of right and wrong. It also helps me prepare and understand how to react to certain situations long before it occurs.
Many people base their right or wrong doings based on his or her emotions. For instance, something that may appear to be right for one individual may not be right for another. I believe that philosophical theories can help people live a better life. Philosophy can help someone come to the realization of who they truly are, and help this person understand their own moral and ethical values. Ethics can help individuals connect with one another on a different level in which you can appeal to one’s emotion. Now days in companies and businesses include ethical protocols which must be followed. But, today in our society, there are many behaviors in which we agree or disagree on as morally proper or improper. As I go through this world day by day I look at how the world is and how I fit in it. I remember when my son was young he attempted to put his fork into the light socket. I had to let him know that his actions were dangerous. I made sure to teach him that it is wrong because it can hurt or even kill…

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