How Entrepreneurship Helps Me Achieve This Dream ! Essay

772 Words Feb 14th, 2016 4 Pages
I’m Vivian, a sophomore at Wes who loves enjoying creativity from other people and trying them out myself – through various cultures (Taiwanese, Chinese, American, Japanese) and various formats (writing, music, art, games, etc.). My other passion lies in psychology, the study of humans, simply because (as weird as this sounds) I love interacting with humans – there is so much to discover, so much potential and complexity to our species. I want to dedicate myself to cross-culture communication/issues and early education improvements and am very exciting to see how entrepreneurship helps me achieve this dream!

From the tech giants like Google and Facebook to lesser-known start-ups full of potential, the tech world can often seem inapproachable and inaccessible due to their image of being highly complicated, fast-paced, and only for people in the “top.” But now there is a chance to visit and connect with these people, to immersed yourself in these environments and gain a serious insider’s look at these centers for innovation. I hope to dive into the real world and listen to these stories of success, understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur, and gain insight into how my skills can help me achieve that. I want to exchange meaningful discussions with other members on the team – especially after reading all the reflections on the Kai Website, finding it amazing how such rich and creative conversations can happen within a few days. I wish to examine how the initial pitching…

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