How Emory Can Continue Be A Safe, Engaging, And Inclusive Place For All First Year Students

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By serving as a member of the First Year Advisory Board, I hope to work with members of Emory’s administration in order to offer suggestions on how Emory can continue to be a safe, engaging, and inclusive place for all first year students. Within this position, I hope to work to help foster an inclusive campus culture where everyone’s identities are accepted, and respectful discussions over differences in opinion are encouraged.

As a first-year student leader within Emory 's LGBT community, and a biracial Chinese-[Jewish]-American gay man [from NYC], I feel that my multifaceted identity has granted me the ability to help represent the interests of a diverse array of Emory 's first year students. Moreover, my experience participating in Emory 's Conversation Partners Program (and serving on the program 's Event-Planning Committee), has allowed me to form meaningful connections with Emory 's international student community as well.

Lastly, I consider myself to be a friendly, hardworking, open-minded, and outgoing person. Serving on the First Year Advisory Board would allow me to create connections with other first year students who are considered to be emerging campus leaders. Although Emory is home to many different types of diversity, people from different backgrounds do not always tend to interact. One thing I feel that First Year Advisory Board could focus on is creating more opportunities for the respectful discussion of ideas. While Orientation programs such as…

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