How Education Is Important For Being A Member Of Society Essay

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Studying at a university that focuses on the sciences such as MCPHS University does not allow for much time to focus on the literate arts. When the main purpose of the education is to memorize statements claimed to be fact and learn how to perform a reaction that has been done hundreds of times over, the ability to create unique ideas is lost. In studying literate arts, a whole new way of thinking is activated, and it allows for emotional connections, interpretations, and original thoughts. It is important to maintain a balance between the two ways of thinking because not only will they be important in a healthcare career, but they are also important for being a member of society. Literate arts provide people with a different form of communication to express struggles, victories, traditions, and stories that regular words may not always be able to capture. This form of communication can provide connections to other people and build upon connections within yourself.
Literate arts are a good way to evolve one’s critical thinking abilities. When faced with literature, art, or other methods of someone expressing themselves, we are forced to see other interpretations of situations, and this allows for the creation of new ways of thinking. When we see a piece of art as a representation of real life, we are seeing someone’s solution to the problem of expressing a thought, idea, or object. By also coming to the conclusion that the artist reached, we have exposed ourselves to a path…

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