How Domestic Terrorism Should Be Handled Essay

1216 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
The Republican and Democratic parties have been the most influential and present political parties within U.S history, for the past two centuries. Though, being that they are both political parties, each one has a different views pertaining to social issues. According to the American people, many of the those within the Republican party hold a Conservative view on social issues, while their counterparts, being the Democrats, tend to have a more liberal view. One of the issues in which both parties are currently debating, in the upcoming presidential election, is the topic of domestic terrorism. Even though liberals’ and conservatives’ have different opinions and views on how domestic terrorism should be handled, a solution should be found to end domestic terrorism because it puts the lives of the American people at risk, as well as influences global terrorism.
For conservatives, when talking about domestic terrorism, they tend to favor the idea of a large national defense; meaning that they believe the U.S should gather information about known terror groups to combat domestic terrorism. An example of how this is used is in the discussion of ISIS and its spreading influence on some of the residents here in America. According to the Heritage Foundation, “Dialogue between the U.S. government and the Muslim community could help to prevent acts of violence and xenophobia …and our Department of Homeland Security should use the full extent of the law to stop potential…

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