How Does The Ancient Greco Roman World Affect Me? Essays

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How does the Ancient Greco-Roman World Affect me?

How does the Ancient Greco-Roman World Affect me? What a bizarre question, right? There is no way a “dead” language and culture could affect me? Ever done Geometry? The concept of pi was invented by Archimedes, who was Greek. Ever used the toilet? The toilet was invented by the Romans. I wonder what else we can find.

For most of history people have written down information onto stone tablets. Which are heavier than your typical book nowadays. Now the Romans did not use paper like we do today, because that was a Chinese invention later in history; however, they did have a substitute, they used sliced animal skin. They called it a codex. So without the invention of bound books, we would have to carry around 100+ sheets of paper just to finish the newest thriller by your favorite author.

All people hate going to the doctor, but we would not have some of the technology, or ethical medical standards from the ancient Greeks and Romans. Hippocrates was a Greek philosopher and physician. He created a lot of the ethical standards that people practice in medicine for example the Hippocratic oath. The Hippocratic oath is a statement that most doctors have to swear by to uphold an ethical standard which includes: to not euthanize elderly people, to ask for help when you do not know how to solve a problem, that sympathy and understanding is more important than medical advice. These things I can personally attest to is true because…

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