Ancient Roman Technology

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Ancient Rome was one of the most impressive empires of all time. Ancient Rome reigned for over 500 years, starting from 27 BC and ending around 400 AD. In that time, through trade, the ancient Romans gained new ideas and experiences from other cultures. As a result, they came up with new inventions. Ancient Rome left a mark on the modern world today. Two of Rome’s famed and longest lasting legacies are language, including many of the Latin root words in Romance languages, and in engineering which established the revolutionary idea of paved roads and aqueducts that we still use today.
The legacy of Latin is seen today because many of the root words, prefixes, and suffixes are included in the English language. Ancient Romans used Latin as their
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Romans specialized in roads and aqueducts. When Roman engineers stumbled upon a difficulty when building the road, they would target the problem directly, rather than relocating the road. This contributed to revolutionary improvements, new ideas, and better, stronger, and longer lasting roads. Rome used cambered(arched) roads when it rained the arches allowed the water to drain off the surface, which led to less to no damage to the road. One of the primary reasons that Romans were so successful in engineering was they were the first to use concrete. Roman concrete was created from a mixture of brick and rock pieces, lime, water, silica, and alumina. Roman concrete was the building blocks of almost all Roman structures. The concrete allowed these structures to last for centuries. Namely, the Colosseum. The Roman concrete recipe was a lot more earth-friendlier than the one that we use today. Nevertheless, the type of concrete that we use, is a lot severer and stronger. It follows Romans were also experts at building aqueducts. Roman aqueducts were developed in 312 BCE, and used for many purposes. That is, bringing water around to city baths and fountains up to 60 miles away. Roman aqueducts opened the door to many inventions that we still use in the 20th century, like communal …show more content…
The legacy of language led to many important terms in medical, law, math, and science, and important root words in the English language. For instance, a popular science prefix often used is the prefix semi. The prefix semi is derived from Latin and means partly or half. The legacy of Engineering led to the ingenious shape of cumbered roads. Up to this day, we still exercise this ingenious design when building our roads. Additionally, Romans used a highway system that we still mimic today, Romans used patrols, mileage markers, and tolls. The Romans were master engineers and constituted a world that we still walk on

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