Technology's Influence On People

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Influence of Technology
The internet and technology itself are taking over all of us; how much the internet influence on people should not be underrated. Nowadays society is experiencing a life changing event and nothing is like it used to be. The relationships that succeeded before the internet era begin are being replace by this technology which is why some relationships have more problems today than they have years ago. Also, the overuse of the internet is making people more stupid because they are able to find everything in the internet. Doubtless, technology and internet are affecting today’s society in their relationships as well as in their thinking capacity.
In the article named “Connectivity and its Discontents”, Sherry Turkle describes
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As Nicholas Carr describes in his article, named, Is Google making Us Stupid? “The internet has become the universal medium through which information flows through my ears and eyes to the brain.” (p. 1). This article highlights that the internet corrode the ability of humans to focus and foresee what they are reading. Rather of reading comprehension texts, technology changed people into “laid-back” readers who only brush over written work. Many people said that school is much easier nowadays than it used to be years before because now people are able to search on the internet while doing homework among other duties. Most of the people have access to the massive information that the internet offers which allows the readers to get the information easily; consequently, it allows them to avoid the long and “boring” reading. In this article Carr points out on Scott Karp, an online media writer who confesses of having stopped reading books because of the availability of information on the internet (Carr, 2). Analyzing Carr’s article and the current tendency people will be able to find out that most of the people prefer online reading instead of the traditional reading. Even though nowadays we have online reading, a great amount of people are just using a quick reading through contents and titles without analyzing and comprehending what they are reading. In such a way, the …show more content…
The first one “Connectivity and its Discontents” describe how technology affects relationships while “Is Google making Us Stupid? “ mentions how the easily access to the internet make people to read other people’s work instead of thinking by themselves. Both articles establish that technology is creating a huge wall in human relation and human ability of concentration. The new technology is creating a big distance, both physical and emotional, between humans, and it is only hurting relationships between families and friends. Furthermore, technology is in part causing the indifferences between people and how humans are not in a place where they would like to read text effectively and have the ability to interpret consciously. Surely, technology is a way of colossal impact on present day man; only as the time passes, people will be able to understand how bad technology and internet is affecting

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