How Does Society Sees Me Essay

2071 Words Oct 17th, 2016 9 Pages
Each race is known to act a certain way; we think that everyone from that race acts that way; White people are proper and stuck up, black people are cheap and ghetto and Mexicans work hard for little pay. This is how we have been programmed to think through the years; this is why we as people definitely stereotype based on race and that’s probably never going to change.
When I identify myself, I say I’m African American. But why do I say that? I say that because that’s what I was taught and that’s how society sees me. I was taught that the color of my skin means that I am this. But when I strip down the layers, take away the color of my skin and forget about society I would say I am a fun, typical girl who just loves food, coffee mugs and candles. Even with that statement there is a stereotype. When you read the word girl you think of things. Some may think of emotional, weak, damsel in distress. So as you see no matter what anyone says, we can never get away from stereotypes. Stereotypes even occur without even seeing a person. I know whenever I call my cell phone company to get help with my phone and someone answers the phone I think two things: it’s going to be a foreigner and they won’t be able to speak proper English and understand me or I will not be able to understand them. But what why do I think that just because they’re a foreigner that they won’t be able to understand me? Because of experience, stereotyping and stereotyping because of the experiences I’ve had.…

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