How To Improve Literacy Skills

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In regards to the statements that advocates writing as an essential skill in the real world I agree that it is crucial to succeed in life. Writing goes hand in hand with reading. As a prospective teacher it is my duty and responsibility to make advancing my students literacy my key focus. Under New York’s Common Core guidelines teaching and promoting literacy skills is a “collective responsibility” of all content area teachers. It is our job to ensure the academic success of the children in our community. (Allyn 2013, 4-5; Clark Page 5) Writing truly is as Sarah Clark puts it as the “means through which students are able to articulate complex social studies terms and synthesize concepts” (Writing Strategies for Social Studies, Sara Kartchner Clark, p. 20). Writing enables educators to continually assess their students understanding of content knowledge. This helps teachers gauge their student’s understanding of what they comprehend and what they struggle with comprehending, and further allows the …show more content…
Some new important standards which hold true to my content which I feel embrace the connection between being literate and understanding history are; valuing evidence and understanding others cultures. These are just two of the many components that define what literacy means today. We as educators are preparing our students to have the skills to excel in college, or in their future prospects.
Reading is also an essential part of literacy development. One could argue that reading influences writing skills and vice versa. It is essential in that those who drop out of school cite their number one reason being the failure to read. This failure originates around 4th or 5th grade and many students are pushed along while not meeting the standards needed to be actively engaged in the education process further in their schooling. My job and my colleagues job is to foster a love for reading as well as

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