How Does Play Affect Our Lives? Essays

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The first video was about play, stating how a person needs play in their life to have creativity. Today in the United States we have the lowest grades in math reading and science, we are last in health care, we have the worst businesses and the US has the saddest and most depressed people in the world. The video talked about how the people of the US is handicapping themselves due to lack of creativity in their lives, we are more focused on being serious and what others think of us rather than what we think of ourselves and if we are happy or not. Studies show that rats that play have bigger brains, cats that don’t play are unsocial and bears that play survive longer. A human that plays no matter the age has been proven to have a bigger brain than someone that is more focused on being serious. A person that does not play can develop depression later in life because they did not get to enjoy their life as they wished they could have. Play is a major role in life, no matter the age a person should relight the flame of play and encourage those around them even if it’s just a simple game of cards or checkers.
The second video talked about boys that were unable to be themselves because they could not express themselves like a girl can. Boys tend to be more focused on things that interest them, not books or school, but for the ones that find school interesting get pushed away because they want to write what they want to write or study what they want to study. They get pushed…

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