How Does Motivation Affect Behavior Rather Than Performance?

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Companies have been using different techniques and strategies to obtain the best employees for generations. The motivating factors used by many companies can range from initial impressions at an interview, incentive and perks, competitive benefit and compensation, to company branding as a whole. There are many things that companies and employers can do to improve the use of motivation factors. Building morale is imperative when trying to retain employees and for them to continue to be effective. The topic of diversity is also important and employers can do many things to address this subject when it comes to the many characteristics of applicants and potential employees. Finding the best, brightest and most qualified employees is a company’s …show more content…
If we look at human motivation there are three assumptions made. First, “motivation is concluded by an in depth look at how tasks and environmental characteristics influence behavior and job performance. Secondly, motivation is not a fixed trait and can change on the basis of personal, social or other factors. Finally, Motivation affects behavior rather than performance” (Wiley, 1997). What this means is that not only can the factors of motivation an employer uses change for an employee due to the employees personal and work environments, but also that it is a behavior that employers want to manipulate. This in turn, will increase the employee performance levels meeting organizational bottom lines. Per Kenneth Kovach, an associate professor of business administration at George Mason University, he states that “managers cannot motivate people, that door is locked from the inside. However, creating a climate where employees find it personally rewarding to motivate themselves will contribute to the companies objectives” (1980). With this being said the top motivating factors that have been found effective in promoting desired work behaviors among employees are “appreciation for work completed, good relationships with coworkers and supervisors, having a good work/life balance, training and career development, interesting job content, job …show more content…
A company can conduct random, bi-annual or annual surveys pertaining to employee satisfaction. Surveys that can determine what is making them happy and more importantly, what is making them unhappy. By taking regular employee surveys about what would motivate them or make them happy, this would give any company a competitive edge on retention. Also, conducting peer reviews and getting input on manager performance is a good way for companies to find out how well their managers are doing in motivating the employees. Granted it does need to be considered that not everyone is going to be happy. Some surveys are not going to be satisfactory, but that is the basis for the survey for ways to improve. It is important to keep communication open so that we always know what an employee is wanting to stay happy in any position. Having bi-weekly or monthly rounding and coaching sessions to work on employee knowledge and development would be an excellent way to improve motivation and communication among the ranks. While doing so, including a whole section on employee job acknowledgement and appreciation will make the person feel needed, recognized and

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