How Does Make Your Own Animation From Drawing? Essay

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How to Make Your Own Animation from Drawing Today animations have become a part of our culture and are used for commercials, cartoons, and movies. They are different based on how they are created and the purpose behind the animation’s story. When talking about how animations are created, there are multiple ways to make them. Some approaches to start off creating one is done by using computer graphics or drawing it out on paper. Usually what is involved in an animation is a story that draws in the audience, a motion to make the story come to life as a visual, and finally a purpose or a reason why the animation was made whether it’s for making a valuable lesson or not. For the method I will be explaining on how to make an animation is based from drawing it out on paper that is simple and not very complex.
To know how long it takes to draw out an animation depends on some factors like how long the story is and if the story is long, then it depends on how many frames does it take to draw it out. Another factor is based on how good are your drawing skills and this could lead to making a really good animation that is three dimensional or an animation that is simple like a stick figure drawing which is okay to use, but it won’t have a high quality look to it. For the amount of time it takes to make a complex animation; this takes about four to five days because most of the time is spent on the drawing process and some of it is spent on making or planning out the story for the…

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