Stereotypes In Lady And The Tramp

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A person’s ethnicity is often defined by their belonging in a social group that share the same cultural traditions, e.g. language, religion and customs that are passed down through time, from one generation to the next. Ethnic groups can span both a broad and narrow aggregation, an example would be that, people living in the United Kingdom are coined as British, however, they can also be more accurately presented as Scottish, Welsh, Irish or English. This is not to be mistaken for race, the number of ethnicities that obtain, far exceed that of race. This is due to the fact that physical features define race, as these variables are passed down through genetics rather than tradition. (Staff, 2012)

In contemporary productions the embodiment of ethnicity is profoundly precarious, as producers and large companies are invariably
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It is arguably the most hysterical animation to have transpired from the drawing boards of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The artists, who fashioned the childhood classic, took direct artistic and cultural inspiration from China.
With the exception of Chi Fu and possibly The Emperor, the characters portrayed in Mulan are not cliché-ridden and for once the portrayal of Asians is rather “normal”, there are no overly goofy front teeth, their accents aren’t heavily accentuated, thought their eyes are smaller than your usual Disney characters, it is a factor that supports the setting of the movie. However the portrayal of Chi Fu and The Emperor are rather exaggerated with Chi Fu being your “typical” Asian villain exhibiting a stereotypical ‘Fu Man Chu’ mustache, leading again to the idea of “Yellow Peril”, a sectarian remark Western countries spread instigating “The supposed danger of Oriental hordes overwhelming the West.”(Martin, no

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