How Does Kim Struggle To Be A Successful Student?

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Kim is ready for college; she starts to become involve after her first semester when she changes her attitude towards college. Kim began her transformation by becoming more dedicated in her studies, visited Professor Johnson during her office hours, utilize the tutors in the advising center, moved her seat in the class to the front, and became more confident and involved in the classroom. This behavior she showed indicates that Kim had the potential of becoming a successful student. Kim also shows some interests and actions that indicate that she might struggle to be a successful student. Her husband Justin is jealous that Kim is pursuing college while he only has a high school diploma. He begins to tell Kim that college isn’t a good idea, when she ignores his complainant. Justin accuses Kim that she’s having an affair and that she has to drop out of college. Kim agrees to join Cheryl’s end of the semester party and ends up not giving in her paper early. These things indicate that Kim may struggle to be a successful student. Kim is responsible for receiving a failing grade in history class.
Professor Johnson was right to act as stern parent and superior. In the real world if Kim was working for her Professor, she would have got fired if she was late on a project or if she was late constantly to her job. The relationship between the student and professor should be based on
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She becomes devastated, ignores everyone in her life that helped her come to this state in her life. Instead of trying to think of a way to bounce herself from her terrible situation, she dwells on the past and believes that she can’t do anything in her power to change the outcome. Kim should have accepted the failing grade from her professor, then take the course over again. She can easily retake the course, and fix her

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