Nutrition For 25-Year-Old Men

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This 25-year-old male in all aspects fails to meet the nutritional guidelines, as he goes over every single one, except for the fibre in which he is severely under eating.

The number of calories a 25-year-old male is meant to have each day is 2749kcals, our guy exceeds this amount by 6.5kcals (which isn’t significant but if he was doing this everyday then it would cause him to put weight on).

Protein is meant to make up 15% of an adult’s overall diet which would mean 412.35g per day. Our guy eats 413.325g so he over eats by 0.975g. Again, this isn’t a high increase but it does all add up, so if everyday was the same he would be overeating by quite a bit.

Protein comes in many different forms but a lot people think protein mainly comes from
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Our guy eats 964.425g so he over eats by 2.275g. The saturated fats are the most important aspect which should be monitored in everyone’s diet. The healthy 25-year-old should eat less than 274.9g per day, however, our guy eats 275.55g, actually exceeding the <10% value by 0.65g.
So, he overeats on the saturated fats and eats over 25% of the rest of the fat making up his diet. Although only a small increase, if he continued down this road every day for the rest of his life, it would be a very short life. That’s because he is at a higher risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes. If you find out you have CVD there is a very high chance you could die from it, in fact in 2010 CVD was the UK’s biggest killer, as almost 180,000 people died from CVD. (Marshall, Cardiovascular disease (CVD), 2010)

Carbohydrates should make up 50% of an adult’s diet, for an average 25-year-old 50% equates to 1374.5g. Our guy eats 1377.75g, therefore, he overeats by 3.25g. Although the eat well guidelines tell the public to focus their whole meal around the carbohydrate they are consuming, too much of it can once again cause a person to put on excess weight quite quickly causing the diseases mentioned
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Our guy only eats 16.8g so he is under eating fibre by 13.2g. Which is quite a high level, that could again cause a few different diseases/conditions: constipation, hemorrhoids; this causes severe pain, itching and discomfort sitting, diverticulitis; this basically causes small hernias of the digestive tract caused by long-term constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, coronary heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer; which is cancer of the large intestine(Better Health Channel ,

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