Analysis Of Lean T Afraid By Sheryl Sandberg

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Many authors are quite aware that gender greatly influences many important decisions that occur in our society. Sometimes, those crucial decisions that are being affected by our genders can attend to several problems to arise. One of those problems can be pointed out by Sheryl Sandberg the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook and the author of “Lean In: What Would You Do If You Weren 't Afraid?” She pointed out in her article that because of gender, females are discouraged from entering particular fields like Computer Science and are taught to favor marriage over careers (654). Sandberg has an excellent point. Gender has immensely influenced us and society since day one, even if we are not conscious of it. Some individuals may not accept …show more content…
We can see that our society enforces rules and stereotypes on all genders, regulating what is "normal" and what is not. From a very early age, our parents/guardian taught us what types of behavior society expects from us. For instances, what everybody expects from a girl was quite different from a boy. Traditionally girls were assumed to be kind, nurturing, emotional, and home-oriented while guys were mostly opposites (Vang "Day 28"). Parents try to instill society "standard norms" on kids at a very young age, which unfortunately can lead towards several dilemmas down the road. In Sandberg 's article, she addresses many of the problems that arise, one of the problems she talked about is that "boys are encouraged to take charge and offer their opinions" (652). Sandberg further explains that teachers are more likely to interact with boys, because when a boy call out an answer without raising his hand, the teachers would habitually overlook it and usually listen to him. But when girls call out the answer they would often get scolded for not raising their hands. According to Sandberg personal experience, she says "these patterns persist even when we are all grown up" (652). This pattern can be witnessed when we see women choose marriage over careers. When growing up, we get introduced to gender stereotypes which stick with us throughout our lives;

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