How Does Byzantine Art Differ From That Of Ancient Rome? Essay

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1.Discuss the changes in art that were brought about by the rise of Christianity. How and why does Byzantine art differ from that of Ancient Rome?
-Roman workmanship tackled the types of the Archaic (symmetrical), Classical (contrapposto), and even Hellenistic Greek (Pathos style).
-Where Byzantian craftsmanship is more etherial based - utilization of non-liquid positions - non-association with the foundation in the work - positioning of significance for portrayed figures by centralization in the work.
2.At the end of the chapter there is a discussion of changes in art, specifically citing works from Duccio and Giotto. What made their art so different and what prompted the change?
- These two pieces of craftsmanship are distinctive on the grounds that the craftsman utilized Renaissance style rather than the Middle Ages.
3.Define the terms “Renaissance,” “Humanism,” and “Protestant Reformation.” Explain at least three ways in which these movements led to broad changes in European life.
- Renaissance The social resurrection that happened in Europe from generally the fourteenth through the center of the seventeenth hundreds of years, in light of the rediscovery of the writing of Greece and Rome. - Humanism A social and scholarly development of the Renaissance that accentuated the human potential to achieve brilliance and advanced the immediate investigation of the writing, workmanship, and progress of traditional Greece and Rome. - Protestant Reformation was the sixteenth…

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