The Controversy Of Early Christianity In The Greco-Roman Society

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Controversy would be an understatement when describing early Christianity in the Roman society. Knowledge vs religion is the argument centered around this controversy. You have the Christians being hesitant toward the Greco-Roman world of pursuing knowledge. Then on the other side, Roman societies lack of acceptance toward Christians. Both sides were filled with so much animosity and hate. Much of this is based on refusal of both sides to change views. The Romans don 't want to accept the Christians and the Christians don 't want to accept the Romans different ideas.
The early Christians were very opposed to the Greco-Roman world. The Romans believed in the pursuit of knowledge and the unknown. Early Christians believed that this was pointless because God trumps all, and the
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If I was alive during this time, I would like to say as a Christian, I would be a bit more open minded toward the Romans way of thinking. I believe the pursuit of knowledge is never ending and a lot of that has to do with the complexities of God 's creations. But, on the other hand why would early Christians be interested in anything the Romans had to say, due to the way they were treated by them. I think a lot of this war was due to lack of perspective on both sides. The Romans saw the Christians as paria that would infect their way of life, and the Christians rejected all Roman ways of thinking so extremely, that they wouldn’t even associate on an intellectual level. It is devastating knowing that people were killed over something that was simple a matter of opinion. People were, and still are today, so willing to shut others out because they think differently than you. Ultimately though, I believe there are many lessons learned from this time, that have shaped many ways of thinking within the Christian faith as far as controversy. That different is ok and respecting those differences is essential to

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