How Does A Line And Manager Use Specific Metrics

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A line or an operating manager should utilize and would find the specific metrics related to the unit’s employees very beneficial. If the managers utilize these specific metrics, it would help them identify areas where improvement is needed and where employee performance should be increased in order to achieve the highest level of production and profitability for the company. Hansen (as cited in Haeberle & Christmas, 2006) wrote, “A metric is meaningful and useful only if it relates to the work of the organization and can actually have an impact on staffing initiatives.” Also, Weiss & Finn (2005) made the statement, in order to successfully utilize these metrics, the management team will have to understand how effectively and efficiently …show more content…
Unit employees are the employees who are producing the products and the ones who are keeping the business running because without employees the business would not have a product to sell. Specific metrics related to unit employees should include specific job descriptions, accurate job performance reviews, and even how well the employee is meeting the company expectations and standards. All of these components would give the managers a thorough perspective on how well the employees are meeting the company’s expectations, but also it would provide beneficial insight into whether or not the company will meet the set company goals for the given time period. Also, when the management is utilizing specific metrics, areas of production, accuracy/ efficiency, and training will all impact how well each unit employee is performing. These components will help the manager assess how well the employee is utilizing his/ her time, quality of work, development time, and even total cost of employee based off production. The line or operating manager should utilize these specific metrics because it allows them to fully understand how each shift is operating and it can even help them address issues that may be causing harm to the company’s …show more content…
Production is the main aspect of identifying an employee’s performance for any organization. The employees are hired to complete a specific task and if they do not complete the task in a timely manner, then they will obviously not have has much time to work on other tasks so they have just reduced their own production level. Production consists of how much an employee is working in a certain time frame and if the employee is working in a factory, it may consist of how many products the employee is producing during a certain shift. A line or operating manager can identify how product an employee is by setting standards for the employee to reach during every shift and then analyzing how close he/ she came to the manager’s expectations. Production can play an important role of determining employee value, profit and revenue per employee, and even labor costs based on production or sales by the employees. Overall, line and operating managers need to thoroughly analyze employee performance by using specific metrics to make sure the company is not wasting money on an employee who is not producing enough products to justify his/ her paycheck, which would also affect the entire company’s

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