How Do I Make Use of Counselling Skills and Knowledge in Helping Interactions and/or in Helping Work?

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November 2010

How do I make use of counselling skills and knowledge in helping interactions and/or in helping work?
In this assignment I intend to define ‘counselling skills and knowledge’ and then show how I actively employ these qualities during my everyday life. These include informal helping interactions with family and friends, in a supervisory capacity at work and during skills practice sessions as part of my counselling course. Finally I’ll analyse the effects that these helping interactions have on me personally and the various ways in which I deal with those effects.

Firstly it’s important to distinguish between using counselling skills and being a counsellor. From my own research I think the distinction revolves
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I’ve realised the importance of support during childhood and how detrimental criticism can be to a child’s and then an adult’s self esteem. More than anything else I want my daughter to grow up having a real strong sense of self-worth and self-identity, which will hopefully in turn enable her to make decisions and trust her instincts. As a counterbalance there are still plenty of times when I am a parent and not an active user of counselling skills. I think this stems from an increased understanding of being ’genuine’ or what Rogers refers to as congruence.

The most comprehensive use of my newly acquired counselling skills is during triad sessions as part of my course. This is where I get to try out my skills with people who I don’t know or with whom I have had little helping contact before. Here I’m faced with people from all sorts of backgrounds, many of whom have very different outlooks on life from me. It is these differences that make putting unconditional positive regard in place most challenging. What I have learned, however, is that a greater sense of self-awareness is the most useful tool in overcoming prejudice. It is only by becoming aware of differences that I am able to put them to one side and be genuinely non-judgemental. I’ve come to use this recently when I encountered a woman who was incandescent after being accused of shoplifting in my local

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