How Do Your Family, Friends, And Professors Define Who You Are?

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Question- In thinking about the quote at the beginning of the chapter – without others, there is no self. How do your family, friends, and professors define who you are?
Response-I firmly believe in the people around you have a huge impact and influences on what kind of person you and your character as a person. I believe that if you sound yourself with the wrong kind of people the chances of you becoming a person with a terrible character undisciplined unmotivated to better yourself and the have a great chance of getting into trouble with the law. Compared with if you have a great support system from your friends, family and your peers the greater the chance you will mold into a great person with great character some who is disciplined and motivated to better themselves. You have to surround yourself with the right people even if that means you will have to leave people behind because you are growing them and putting yourself in better position to be successful in life. The people that you surround yourself with will either make or break your success they give you the opportunity it’s up to you to go get what you are after in life.
Question- what communication strategies do you use to reduce uncertainty when interacting with others
Response- There is a few different strategies that use to reduce any uncertainty when interacting with someone. The first one is similarities I try to find something that we can both relate some able to comfortable with them and they can…

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