Essay about How Do Others See Me?

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Who am I, simply looking on the surface; how do others see me? I have been told, that I am intimidating with all of my tattoos, that I must be mean and like conflict. I have also been told that I resemble a pot smoking hippy; for me this is untrue, I am a mother of four amazing, delightful, and beautiful (predisposition mother) children that I adore dearly; ages going from eight-teen years old to twenty months old… Before college started, this is what solely defined me as my “SELF” or what I viewed and I presumed others expected of me. Looking more in-depth about the “SELF” as a whole, there are countless things that have fashioned me as a durable Caucasian, heterosexual, woman today.

Raised as a Catholic; going to Sunday school and church customarily every Sunday with my mother (my father was a Presbyterian and did not go to with us), my mother being the leader at the Church Sunday school until my grandfather passed away (her father) at my age of eight. A traumatic occasion in both our lives, it was a sudden and surprising passing. Not going to chapel for a Sunday, there had been a woman in the parish bothered with my mother; she had neglected to inform the Sunday school that she would be non-attendant. Causing us to be shunned from this small village church, we no longer attended the parish or any other church in the community. In regards to organized religions, I did have a bad taste in my mouth from this occurrence even if it was one women’s cruelty; it added to the…

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