How Do I Look? Essay

919 Words Sep 28th, 2016 4 Pages
How do I look? “Hey, ugly”, my so-called friends call to me as I’m walking towards the end of the street approaching the bus. I always thought they were my friends because we use to tease each other and call each other names. In seventh grade I was wrong. In fact they were bullying me. They used call me flat chested and made fun of my glasses and teeth. Of course I was as pretty as the other girls in the Glamour magazines. I was made fun of since 4th grade when I got my glasses. I want to exceed beauty and acceptance. The media has always shamed stretch marks, freckles, crooked teeth, glasses, being too tall or too short, etc. We have been told since the day we were born what is socially accepted in our society and what is not. When I look at the Glamour magazine with Jennifer Lawrence on the cover it makes me feel insecure about myself. I tend to be most insecure about my breast and my teeth for not being straight. I do know that the magazine is photo-shopped, but that doesn’t help the insecurities of wanting to be beautiful. I want to be confident in my own skin. When I was younger I looked to those magazines to see what women are supposed to look like. When those girls in seventh grade used to make fun of the way I looked, I use to beg my mom for me to get braces and I also bought push up bras to make myself feel better about my breasts. I do know that most of those magazines are photo-shopped but I just didn’t seem to care. Everyone told me they would fill in, but…

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