I Am Fat Steinberg Analysis

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Okay, So I’m Naturally Thin I constantly hear girls give me the same compliment, “Oh I wish I was your size, you’re so thin.” The “compliment” they say always tends to irk me because I’m naturally thin, I always have been, but not by choice. I know that if I did not have the genes my parents gave me I would not be the same size I am today. To be honest I consider myself to be a fat person. No, I do not have a body image problem. I know I am thin, but at this point I should be extremely fat. I am constantly eating junk food, I am the one who goes to a party and instantly starts to look for the food and will shamelessly shove brownies, cupcakes, and bacon in my face. Trust me when I say eating healthy will never be a New Year’s resolution for me. So when people tell me they wish they were my size I instantly say back, “You are my size.” …show more content…
So I’m Fat,” it is made aware to his readers that he is overweight and that he knows it is bad for his health. Stein berg claims that there is a “final ignominy” that fat people have to deal with which are thin people. More specifically thin people who have to eat right, workout, and do whatever it is to become or stay skinny rather than thin people who are naturally thin. Thin people who work hard at being thin always seem to find a way to dig under fat people’s skin by constantly saying mean comments. I would say that I agree with Steinberg’s thoughts, and I strongly believe that people who are naturally thin are less critical about people’s

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