How Do Cars Have Changed Our Lives

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According to the popular movie, Cars, life is a highway, and ever since the invention of automobiles in 1886, this highway has been busier than ever. When Francois Isaac De Riva invented the first car, he made it much easier for people to get around. Now, there are 1.3 billion drivers in the world, but this convenience doesn’t come without a cost. Each year, more than 1.5 million serious car accidents occur. For better or for worse, cars have changed lives in many ways.
Automobiles have made substantial differences globally. By the 1990s, they had went worldwide. One of the people who helped vehicles become so successful was Henry Ford. He created a continuously moving assembly line to enhance the production of autos; so, they could get around
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Because there is a limited supply on this product the prices of gasoline can go up rapidly.
Not only can people travel easier with vehicles, but also now food can be transported states apart without getting rotten or spoiled from the boiling sun. Without this easy transportation, food was very difficult to get to places. A lot of food companies grew after the invention of automobiles. This way, farmers knew most of the time that the produce could travel safely.
Another problem with this type of transportation is that many people have car accidents.
Whether it’s from heavy rain or snow, forgetting to turn headlights on, or just missing a traffic light, 1.2 million car crashes happen a year, according to MayrandFiset.
Many harsh injuries and deaths have been caused by this unsolvable problem.
Final Paragraph:
In conclusion, automobiles have drastically changed the world. De Riva's invention has created an easy way for people to travel to their wanted destinations. And he made a complicated journey for transporting goods convenient. Despite the fact that there are 1.5 million accidents a year, a billion plus people use cars to race along on the highway of

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