Essay on How Divorce Has A Dangerous Affect On Children

1819 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
Does anyone know what it is like to not have both parents in their lives? According to “The Single Parent Statistics”; approximately twenty six percent (26%) of children live with solitary parents. It has also been proven that about eighty three percent of single parents are mothers (Wolf). Although children should have both parents in their lives, there are very few reasons why children do not have both parents in their lives. Overall, children 's lives are better when they have both parents involved because there are two people to raise them.
Divorce can affect children in many unhealthy ways which can tend to be crucial to the child 's well-being, and attitudes. Shaffran believes that “Children are always the losers in divorce” (Michael). Children are often manipulated by a parent, and the stress caused from divorce can lead to a harmful life for a child. Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and delinquent behavior. Those examples prove how divorce has a dangerous affect on children. Although divorce is damaging, there are very little benefits. Most parents do not take the right action that is needed for the child. Parents are usually worried about themselves in the divorce situation, and they do not realize that their children need attention as well, the children can feel rejected if the parent just ignores them. Divorce is something nobody should have to go through, but it is what is considered normal life nowadays. If parents would pay attention…

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