Stereotypes Of The South During The Civil War

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When people think of the Civil War, they think of what films, literature, and media, has portrayed the north and south. Gone with the Wind is a prime example. They portrayed the south as rich, obnoxious, old English speaking people. Other media sources said that they all had slaves; all beat their slaves, and all fought to keep slavery in the south. The south wasn 't the only part of the Civil War that was inaccurately portrayed. The North was made to look like the good guys that did absolutely nothing wrong. This is mostly false. Although were bad southerners, there were also some good ones who treated their slaves and some even hated slavery. There were some good people in the north, but some were just as bad some media outlets portray the southerners. I 'm here to tell the untold story of both sides, because everything your history books taught you is a lie. Today when you think of the confederate flag you automatically …show more content…
Sherman 's "March to the Sea". Sherman 's march began in September of 1864, with the capture of Atlanta, Georgia. After Atlanta, Sherman marched towards Savannah, Georgia, "Smashing things", as Sherman wrote ( Staff). Sherman believed if they could destroy enough of Georgia 's property and make life a living Hell for confederates there that they would give up. A living Hell is actually what they made it. Sherman 's troops killed any livestock they came across, stole food and other valuables, and burned the rest. Sherman arrived in Savannah in December of 1864, just to leave again to reach South Carolina in 1865 a few months from the confederate surrender. During the duration of his march, Sherman burnt most of Georgia 's land and scared it forever, but probably its biggest effect was on the people themselves. They had nothing, if they were lucky. If they tried to stop the soldiers from their destructive march they were shot and

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