How Did Pythagoras Have A Lasting Impression On The World Of Mathematics

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Every study has one person who is viewed as the start of it all, the father/mother of that subject. For modern physics, Galileo Galilei is that person; for nuclear science, it’s Marie Curie; and for mathematics,with its many parents, one father is Pythagoras. He remains a mystery to historians. While many things were written about him, Pythagoras himself left no writings of his own behind, making it difficult to document his achievements and contributions to society. Word by mouth, and, eventually, onto paper, is the only way by which information has been provided to historians. In fact, they still debate important dates in his life; scholars often give dates that differ from one another by as much as twenty years. That being said, Pythagoras has still had a very lasting impression on the world of mathematics.
Born around 569 B.C. in Samos, Ionia, Pythagoras had two or three brothers and travelled with his merchant father, learning along the way from the “learned men” of the cities he visited. Given this diverse exposure, Pythagoras was very well educated. He learned to play the lyre and recite Homer as well as everything to do with poetry. Within the group of all of his teachers, the main three influences of Pythagoras were Pherecydes, Thales, and Anaximander. Thales was said to have inspired Pythagoras’s interest in mathematics, but he did not teach the future mathematician much. However, Anaximander was very interested in geometry, so scholars believe that he imparted…

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