Thomas Hobbes Influence

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Thomas Hobbes Research Project
The Renaissance was the beginning of a new way of thinking, which led to a better path for humanity in the future. It was the bridge that linked the middle age to the modern world. Starting with the change of culture in Italy reform of humanity spread all over Europe based off of the rediscovery of the Greek culture. Italian towns like Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Milan and Rome were made famous by the renaissance. Greek philosopher Protagoras said, "Man is the measure of all things." Meaning there is no truth other than the one individuals choose to believe themselves. This inspired people to evolve their thinking in many different areas. people rethought things like art, science, politics, architecture, religion,
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He contributed ideas that helped form many things that humanity has accomplished since the Renaissance. He provided us stepping stones that linked the stone age to the modern era in the areas of science, history and politics. With science he taught us that all sciences are able to be made possible from motion. He explained everything that is needed in order to understand the complex subjects of geometry and physics. His principles about them are still taught in modern classrooms today and his views on moral and political philosophy inspired the governments that we follow. Most basic laws involving limited power to a government were thought of by Thomas Hobbes. An example of this would be in order to have protection from a government, some rights have to be sacrificed. He believed that a sovereign power should have power over civil, military, and judicial decisions. He thought that without a form of government then fear of death would begin and it would result in civil war. Another thing Hobbes made major contributions to was history. He translated the history of the Peloponnesian war from Greek to the English language. He also documented the history of the English civil war and all of it’s events. Without his works on this history the truth of the events could have been twisted from their actual accounts of the history itself. Hobbes’ ideas are major reasons for why things are how they are today. Politics, history and science would not be the same if Hobbes hadn’t done what he did, and because of that, the world should be forever grateful for his

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