How Did Najmah Change

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(AGG) Najmah has gone through many as you have seen, but which ones have changed her and how, that is exactly why this essay was written.(BS-1) First I talk about her taliban experience and how that influences her and motivates her to mature and take up responsibility.(BS-2) After this I talk about how the bombing destroyed her perseverant spirit and it changed to a hopeless spirit.(BS-3) Last but not least, I talked about the effect of PTSD and how Nusrat helps her out of this.(TS) This is all to show that her experiences have changed her in a way to change her life.
(MIP-1) Najmah has changed from a little innocent village girl to the backbone of the family because of the raid by the Taliban. (SIP-A) She was just a innocent girl who wasn't
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This has hurt Najmah,but Her persevering spirit stays strong until the bombing. “my mother cries for most of the two days after...”(staples 30). This shows their pain and suffering, but still in the situation Najmah stayed perseverant . Even when her father was taken away she stayed calm and kept her mother calm too.(STEWE-2)This shows her perseverance like before but this is also right before the bombing. this is all changes when she loses her only relative, her mother, that she has to take care of her. “”Mother and I will stay.””(staples 33). The loss of her mother changes Najmah from a persevering and hopeful little girl to a hopeless and PTSD stricken woman. the hopelessness is caused by the loss of her mother but also by the fact that she has no point in staying there.(SIP-B) she surveys the damage and sees her only family left is dead and she has changed from a perseverant girl to a hopeless, hurt girl.(STEWE-1) This shows the circumstances that she is in and let's you understand the situation.“a few timbers stand where are house was just moments. before” (staples 66). At the moment she has no …show more content…
The fact that she does not speak is also a sign of a trust issue. This happens because she has PTSD. This trust issue will be resolved when she is found out, not soon after this.(STEWE-2) when she opens up and tells Nusrat her name, it really changes everything for her.””my name is Najmah””(staples 195). This shows that she is starting to open up, not only talking by itself, but telling her name to Nusrat. This shows her trust in Nusrat (SIP-B)her trust in Nusrat is shown after her first words to Nusrat.(STEWE-1)this is when she starts to trust her. Not that Nusrat earned it but that her situation forces her to.””I don’t if I can trust you, but I have no choice.””(staples 209). Her trust will improve later as the situation of their survival gets harder. this is especially because of the uncle lurking around. The impaired trust was because of her PTSD as a symptom of it is trust issues.(STEWE-2)this is a significant piece of evidence because it is term of respect.”Bibi Nusrat”(staples 204). This term of respect is definitely earned after knowing a person and with this comes trust. Trust is earned and with that respect

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