Essay about How Did Divorce Ever Make A Child 's Life Better?

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Ever since I was little I wondered why my parents separated. Well now I understand. It wasn 't because of lack of money or because they got married young. It was to make my life better. How could divorce ever make a child 's life better? Well I have never had to listen to my parents fight or see the heartache of the divorce but I have had to deal with so many obstacles with this divorce. My mother, Lindsy has always been apart of my life just not as my mother.
My parents ended up getting a divorce when I was eleven months old. I was raised by my single father and my grandparents. I didn’t know who my mother was until I was ten years old. In my younger years my father had this friend named Lindsy that would come visit us here in Oregon every six months. I was very close to Lindsy. She would take me shopping at Nike then we would go to Sun Mountain Fun Center and play mini golf until it became dark. Lindsy always dressed to the nines. No matter where we went she wore beautiful diamonds and pearls with fancy dresses. The only thing I didn’t like about Lindsy was that she would bring different guys with her everytime she came up to see me from California. I missed her a lot while she was away and I would talk to her on the phone everyday. I would always ask my father “Why can’t you and Lindsy get married?” My father would always just blow off the question and change the subject. I wanted Lindsy to be in my life more than just twice a year, I wanted her to be my mother. When I…

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