Buck And Spitz In Mark Twain's The Call Of The Wild

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Buck from the Call of The Wild is removed from a peaceful environment and is forced to grow quickly, to persevere through challenging time and trials. For example, Buck learns the law of the club from experience. In the beginning, of the Call of The Wild Buck was caged and pestered by the people who had caged him and Buck grew furious. Starting to growl and snarl Buck soon knew not to after taking a beating of the club. No longer in a peaceful environment, Buck also sees Curly get killed by Spitz and tries to steer clear from him. But Buck was Spitz’s next victim and was tormented on by him. Buck was frustrated and wanted to lead above Spitz so a battle took place between the two which was the battle to the death. Buck wiped out Spitz and was now the lead dog of the pack. Also, throughout his struggles, Buck was lead to starve and was very weak, on the verge of dying because of owners who didn’t know how to take care or to treat dogs. Facing many times where he needed to persevere Buck got through them changing himself a little bit each time. Anita, my foster mom has grown up from going through hard trials and changed a lot emotionally choosing to become a great example for her family and mostly her children. Anita was a single mom who was in college and was not very wealthy at the time. Being in a full-time college with …show more content…
Both Anita and Buck went through a time where they had to persevere and had to face this time independently. Although Buck and Anita have similarities they both differ in the way they faced their trials and what their trial was about. Overall both Buck and Anita have gone through tough times where much perseverance is needed and change to themselves are needed to get through hard times. I think that through it all it will end up better at the end after you persevere and you will mostly change in a good

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