How Community Colleges Create An Environment Of Confusion For Students

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Many Students are choosing to attend community colleges due to the rising costs of a secondary education, but what many students do not realize is that many community colleges still have problems. In Redesigning America’s Community Colleges, the authors discuss how community colleges create an environment of confusion for students because of the “cafeteria style” model. Students around McLennan Community College’s campus. The survey asked how each student defined success, what barriers they encountered on campus, how they could overcome those barriers, and suggestions for the college to make improvements. When students struggle, McLennan does their best to help students with new initiatives. The school just needs to know how to measure if their initiates are successful and how to promote them to students. Community colleges struggle with finding how to help their students in the most efficient manor, and by surveying students, the school can ask the students firsthand how to improve their education.
Redesigning America’s Community Colleges by Thomas Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars, and Davis Jenkins the current day community college is discussed. The authors discuss how most community college’s function today which is in the “cafeteria style” approach. This meaning that a student is able to look at all the options, and they can choose whatever they want. It may not be courses that are helpful, but they did not know otherwise. The book also discusses the topic of transferring…

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