How Communication Plays A Vital Role Within The Multi Disciplinary Team

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This essay will discuss how communication plays a vital role within the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) in a hospital based setting. Furthermore it will show how team working along with collaboration contributed and at times hindered the overall outcome of the chosen experience. Pseudonyms will be used throughout this essay. Healthcare professionals have a duty of confidence towards service users. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have clear guidelines within the Code of Conduct (2008), this includes respecting a service users right to privacy and a professional responsibility on when and when not to disclose information. The Data Protection Act (1998) reinforces these guidelines. The service user can be defined according to the Health Services Executive (2013) as a general term to describe those who use health and social services as patients or their carer’s, parents or guardians, for this essay the term patient is more appropriate. Drinkwater (2008) states that an MDT consists of staff from varying backgrounds pooling their expertise to help patients who require more than one kind of professional, this can be seen as partnership working and will be expanded upon further.
Teamwork comprises of structure and processes, structure relating to the size of the team, their roles, hierarchy and the way in which they should behave. Team dynamics according to Flin (2009) can also have an effect of how the team is managed and its effectiveness. It is an important factor and can…

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